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UC Davis Magazine

About Us

UC Davis Magazine is published two times a year by the University of California, Davis, for members of the California Aggie Alumni Association and the Aggie Parent and Family Association. If you are would like to receive the magazine, please join the Cal Aggie Alumni Association (you don't have to be a UC Davis alum to join). For membership information, visit alumni.ucdavis/caaamembership or call 800-242-GRAD (inside California only) or 530-752-0286.

University of California, Davis
Ralph J. Hexter, Interim Chancellor
Dana Topousis, Interim Strategic Communications Lead
Sunny Teo, Creative Director

Managing Editor: vacant
Art Director: Russell Thebaud
Writer: Cody Kituarua
Designers: Jay Leek
Photographers: Karin Higgins, Gregory Urquiaga
Multimedia specialist: Joe Proudman

Other UC Davis Strategic Communications Contributors:
Patricia Bailey, Julia Ann Easley, Craig Farris, Andy Fell, Linda Forbes, Tom Hinds, Dave Jones, Kat Kerlin, Angie Malloy, John Mounier, Mary Nauer, Karen Nikos-Rose, Amy Rafferty, Susanne Rockwell, Lori Arcangel Wright

Cal Aggie Alumni Association:
President: Debby Stegura ’79
Executive Vice President/President-elect:William Cochran ’73, Cred. ’74
Executive Director: Richard Engel ’90, Cred. ’91