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UC Davis Magazine

Volume 31 · Number 1 · Fall 2013

Letters: From the editor

The print edition of this issue of UC Davis Magazine could be your last — unless you are a dues-paying member of the California Aggie Alumni Association or the Aggie Parent and Family Association.

Up until now, the magazine has been mailed to most alumni and parents of current students. After this issue, that will no longer be the case. In part, the change is due to UC Davis’ success — and yours — as well as the university’s commitment to sustainability. Our circulation has grown with each graduating class. So too have our production and mailing costs. Now, with more than 200,000 living alumni and 33,000-plus students, the university is streamlining costs, saving paper and fossil fuels, and making the magazine a benefit of CAAA membership. We hope you’ll choose to stay connected through CAAA programs — and keep reading.

Our readers are a sharp bunch. After all, most of you attended UC Davis or sent your kids here to study — sometimes both. So perhaps we should have known better than to ask you to find the misprint in our summer issue. Not only did many of you spot the goof that we were talking about — missing and repeating text in the “Driving Innovations” feature — you found other errors as well. Believe me, I winced at each email pointing out a new one. But many of those emails — written in signature Aggie form with wit and kindness — also made me laugh, and warmed my heart. One reader even asked for a sequel to the proofreading contest. Dan Brook, M.A. ’95, Ph.D. ’97, of San Francisco, wrote: “As much as we don’t want you to make errors, 1) it’s inevitable and everyone does so, and 2) it would be fun to have something like this as a regular feature, which would undoubtedly get people to read more close.”

Alum Donna Driscoll ’77, of Daly City, said she was saddened by the loss of the opening paragraph of a section on AVID founder Mary Catherine Swanson. “Her story is so much like mine and [like those of] many of our friends who met and fell in love with their future spouses and the Davis campus all the while chanting ‘Bossy Cow Cow.’” We were sad about the missing lines too. We invite you to read the full story.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in our online survey. Your feedback will help us make UC Davis Magazine a better publication. Winners of the drawing for the two iPads were Lindsay Harrington ’97, of West Sacramento, and Suellen Newton Noland, M.S. ’85, of Pleasant Hill.


Kathleen Holder
Managing editor

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