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UC Davis Magazine

Volume 28 · Number 3 · Spring 2011

The Campaign for UC Davis: Why I Give

The first in a series of interviews with UC Davis supporters

Gifts to Conserve rangelands
promote quality of life

A bequest from Russell Rustici, a cattle rancher who had a scientist's drive to understand the rangelands that were his livelihood, will further research and outreach to address problems facing range cattle producers and rangelands in California. Read more...

Photo: Anne Gray

Anne Gray volunteers with Nelson ARTfriends — the support group for the Nelson Gallery — at the gallery's opening in the former University Club. (Cheng Saechao/UC Davis)

Anne Gray, a retired director of program and budget planning at UC Davis, has supported the university with her philanthropy and volunteer leadership for many years. She currently serves on the UC Davis Foundation Board of Trustees and chairs the foundation's Audit Committee. Her giving is recognized through her membership in the UC Davis Chancellor's Club, the Herbert A. Young Society in the College of Letters and Science, and the Peter J. and Carolee W. Shields Society. She also is a member of the Deans' Advisory Council for the College of Letters and Science, the Mondavi Center Board and the Nelson ARTfriends, the support group for the Nelson Gallery.

Why do you give to UC Davis?

It is an outstanding research university, a place of boundless energy, drive and intellectual curiosity. The campus gave my husband and me tremendous opportunities. Anything I can do to further its goals, I will do.

Additionally, while traveling in the U.S. and around the world, I find that a casual mention of UC Davis invariably provokes an outpouring of comments on the excellence of the veterinary school, the environmental and biological programs, and the wonderful performances at the Mondavi Center, probably a reflection of the circles in which I move. It makes me feel proud to contribute, in however small a way, to the continuing success of an institution with such a deservedly great international reputation.

You have supported the Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts, the Nelson Gallery and the University Library. Why have you chosen to give to these areas?

Books, the performing arts and the visual arts have always been part of the fabric of my life; the support groups for the library, the Nelson Gallery and the former UC Davis Presents were logical places for me to volunteer.

Campaign Gift Highlights

The Campaign for UC Davis is a universitywide initiative to raise $1 billion in philanthropic support from 100,000 donors to propel UC Davis to even greater heights of distinction, scholarship and service. Read about some recent campaign contributions.

It has been rewarding for me to participate in a modest way in the building and the programs of the Mondavi Center. This facility is, without question, of major importance to campus departments and also to the region in welcoming major orchestras, soloists and performing groups as well as providing educational programs for schools. After eight years, I still feel a sense of excitement and pride when attending performances.

You also support the School of Medicine and the School of Veterinary Medicine. Why have you chosen to support UC Davis in these ways?

My late husband, Antolin (Rick) Raventos IV, was the founding chair of the Department of Radiology in UC Davis' medical school. As a result, I've had the joy of watching the phenomenal development of the school from its beginnings to the center of excellence it is today. I have established an endowment in the Health Sciences Library in Rick's name.

And, as a dedicated cat lover, I am devoted to the School of Veterinary Medicine, one of the world's outstanding schools by any measure, and I support its program for companion animal health.

Why are you a supporter of The Campaign for UC Davis?

In an era of dwindling state resources for higher education, I am happy to support The Campaign for UC Davis, with the expectation that it will allow campus programs not only to maintain but also to reach an even higher level of quality.


Sarah Colwell is a senior writer for The Campaign for UC Davis.