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UC Davis Magazine

Volume 29 · Number 2 · Winter 2012

UC Davis West Village: Energy innovation

UC Davis plans to move several energy-related research units into offices at West Village, the nation's largest planned zero net energy community, which opened this fall. Space will be allocated to such units as the Energy Efficiency Center and Western Cooling Efficiency Center.

In bringing the energy-related research units together, the university is developing what Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi calls a "university hub" — a prototype for future "innovation hubs" aimed at better fostering collaboration among related research units, enhancing interaction with the private sector and accelerating the transfer of UC Davis inventions from the lab to the marketplace.

"Combined with the zero net energy goals of the development, this will create an identity for UC Davis West Village around energy-related research and innovation," said Karl Mohr, assistant vice chancellor in Administrative and Resource Management.

The energy "uHub" will be the first of several planned thematic hubs at UC Davis that bring together distinct research groups, business people and community members. All of the hubs will focus on transferring new technologies from concepts to commerce.





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